Gross McCleaf Gallery
127 S Sixteenth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
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Larry Francis, Chloe's Ice Cream Stand



Near and Far
Landscape Paintings

July 7 - August 31, 2016

Dale O. Roberts, Urban Gold, encaustic on panel, 39 x 43 inches  


This summer, Gross McCleaf Gallery will be celebrating landscape painting with Near and Far, a diverse show of over thirty artists' interpretations of the outdoors. Philadelphia's artistic community will be well represented through a variety of pieces in different mediums and styles. The exhibit demonstrates that one can experience the landscape by immersing oneself in it; by observing it from afar; and even by using representation as a departure point.  The artist's vista may be grand or intimate; elevated or earthly; cultivated or untamed, populated or deserted.  Near and Far will feature works in encaustic, watercolor, oil, and acrylic paints and showcase cityscapes, vast expanses, and even secret gardens. This summer Gross McCleaf is proud to include represented artists as well as some fresh faces.