Gross McCleaf Gallery
127 S Sixteenth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Current Exhibitions

Madeline Peckenpaugh, June 23



Should I Stay or Should I Go?
August 6 - 29, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, August 8, 5 - 7 pm


Featuring works by:

Greg Bichè Matthew Herzog Christian Platt
Mariel Capanna Claire Kincade Ashley Wick
Robyn Cooper Bannister Mckenzie Douglas Witmer
Madeline Peckenpaugh

Gross McCleaf Gallery is pleased to present, Should I Stay or Should I Go?, a group exhibition featuring the works of Greg Biché, Mariel Capanna, Robyn Cooper, Matthew Herzog, Claire Kincade, Bannister Mckenzie, Madeline Peckenpaugh, Christian Platt, Ashley Wick, and Douglas Witmer. The exhibition runs from August 6th through August 29th. There will be an opening reception for the artists on Friday, August 8th from 5-7 pm.


In their three-minute and six second hit song, The Clash asks the question "Should I stay or should I go?", a lover's refrain. For these artists in their studios, the question is turned inward each day before their work begins. Staying, in this case, is to continue on a path that's familiar; to go is 'to let go" and explore what's unknown. By remaining with a process, material, or subject they gain a depth of understanding available only through sustained interaction. Embracing a less familiar direction creates opportunities for surprising outcomes and new possibilities. The works of the 10 artists in this exhibition are the evidence of their individual responses to this central question that greets them in the studio: "Should I stay or should I go?".


Robyn Cooper and Douglas Witmer seek depth in repeated encounters with familiar motifs. Cooper creates parallel avenues of inquiry through photography and gouache works while Witmer gains understanding through a chosen, narrow formal vocabulary.


Bannister Mckenzie and Madeline Peckenpaugh paint places for their viewers to inhabit. Peckenpaugh assembles and reconciles accumulated memories from her wanderings throughout Philadelphia. Whereas Mckenzie's work originates from a single location; his bedroom and its contents meticulously investigated and recorded.


Greg Biché's geometric sculptures are not tied to a permanent configuration; they remain variable and responsive. His painting process is also variable and responsive, though the results of his searching are recorded in a fixed form. Matthew Herzog's location specific installations are the results sensitive and sustained responses to personal encounters with new environments.


In her paintings, Mariel Capanna assembles and reconciles her recollections from a year of transcontinental exploration. Ashley Wick's short looping videos offer the viewer rapid, repeated engagements with simple phrases and images.


Christian Platt's paintings are the results of lengthy individual explorations utilizing a narrow vocabulary, a white dot on a black background. The visual source for Claire Kincade's works remains rooted in her own familiar fabrics and vessels, yet the manner in which Kincade depicts these objects is varied and spontaneous.  




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