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Current Exhibitions

Paul Dusold, Ridge Avenue




Paul Dusold
New Paintings

February 1 - 24, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, Febuary 2, 5 - 7 pm

Paul Dusold, Ridge Avenue, Oil on linen, 34 x 50 inches  

The romance of the city for me is how within this man-made environment we observe the passage of time on structures built by others long ago, many now neglected. - Paul DuSold

Paul DuSold's paintings capture quiet moments of stillness in a moving world. His landscape and cityscape paintings begin with DuSold's observations of permanence and change in the world around him. In these paintings, the sky lingers a second longer before the clouds shift and the light changes. The buildings and bridges retain their resolute postures, though at the same time they de-materialize, as buildings, cars, and sidewalks cluster in the darker shadows. Fascinated by the contrast between the earthly and the atmospheric, the artist paints the horizon where the ever-changing sky and the solid ground meet.

These large canvases are a departure both in scale and focus from DuSold's past fascinations with still-life and the figure. Rather than painting arrangements of objects and models in the intimacy of his studio, the artist takes his vision out into the world to see his environment with a renewed curiosity finding subjects in communal spaces. The paintings he creates from the excursions outside his studio reveal his appreciation for unexpected vistas - views which one notices when the ordinary routine of the day is somehow interrupted. DuSold retains his characteristic touch and sensibility in a vision that reconciles a classical and naturalistic impulse. He creates a stationary world to be noticed that is far from still, and we, the viewers, witness a reflection on the passage of time. 

Paul DuSold attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and his work embodies a local tradition that has been passed down through masters such as Thomas Eakins and Arthur DeCosta. Paul DuSold currently lives in Philadelphia, PA. This is his seventh solo exhibition with Gross McCleaf Gallery.


Jeffrey Reed, White Barn




Jeffrey Reed
& Drawings

February 1 - 24, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, Febuary 2, 5 - 7 pm

Jeffrey Reed, White Barn, Oil on linen on panel, 8 x 8 inches  


I am more interested in the evocative qualities in the landscape than the narrative...Once I find a potential subject I'll then ask the more formal questions about contrast, space, light, atmosphere and design. How will it become a painting? - Jeffrey Reed

Jeffrey Reed finds inspiration in his surroundings. Returning to The Ballinglen Arts Foundation this past summer, Reed furthers his deepening relationship with the unique landscape and the dramatic weather along the western coast of Ireland.  Nearly half of the paintings in the exhibition are from Reed's annual Irish pilgrimage. This yearly journey to a place that slowly over time has become a familiar destination still yields daily surprises. But Reed does not have to travel as far as Ireland for subject matter - Philadelphia, Lancaster, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and Maine provide just as rich a source of inspiration.

The small size of Reed's canvases contrast with the artist's ability to convey the immense drama and emotion of his subjects.  The intimacy of the scale encourages the viewer to approach the painting - drawing one into the landscape as if looking through a small window.  Viewed up close, one appreciates and admires the delicacy of the brushwork and details of the paint application, as well as the bold formal aspects of the composition.  Dedicated to the practice of painting directly in front of his subject, Reed's choice of scale allows for an immediacy of touch as he captures the drama of moments found when light falls and weather moves before his eyes.  

Reed received his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, studied at the Skowhegan School of Art, and received his MFA from the University of Pennsylvania.  He is an Associate Professor at the Community College of Philadelphia where he is the Head of the Art Department.  He has been represented by Gross McCleaf for more than 25 years, and has shown his paintings in Philadelphia, New York, other East Coast locations, and in Ireland.